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Cat Wet Food



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Felix 40 pack mixed selection in jelly- 40x100g

-10 beef

-10 chicken

-10 Tuna

-10 Salmon



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The handy pouches are easy to use, they are remain fresh and can be stored easily.  Just unzip the pouch and empty into the cat’s bowl for minimal mess and waste.  As cats love variety there are four tasty flavours, chicken, turkey, duck, and poultry.  It is a completely natural diet with no artificial flavourings, and all of the ingredients have been gently steamed to preserve the vital vitamins, minerals and nutrients.  It can be used as a complete diet or mixed with dry food

Allow a transition phase if changing from another cat food or introducing this to your cat’s diet.  Reduce the daily amount for overweight cats.

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In stock
Delivered in 1-2 days