Dog Treats

Dog Treats


Who doesn't like to treat their dog? Find the best treats for your dog and your wallet here. 

Buy dog treats online with us and get them delivered straight to your door.

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Fold Hill Chewdles Chunks

Fold Hill delicious moist treats for dogs. Available in different flavours.


2.95 *
In stock
Delivered in 1-5 days

Fold Hill Chewdles Milky Bones For Puppies

Chewdles crunchy milky biscuit treat for puppies 12 weeks +. 

2.50 *

Mutt & Jeff Dog Treats 200g

  • Dog Treats using prime cuts of meat
2.95 *

Premium Ham Bone Singles (1,2,3 & 20 pack)

Premium ham bones feed to your dog as a treat.Bones are pre-packaged and sealed airtight to ensure the bone remains fresh They are 100% Natural and long-lasting for extended chewing & taste.

2.00 *
In stock
Delivered in 1-2 days

Pigs Ears

Roasted premium pig ears are a dog treat favorite. A mouth watering chew. 

10.00 *
In stock
Delivered in 1-2 days

Nylabone Durachew (Different Sizes Within)

Buy Nylabone Durachew. Satisfies the urge to chew. For powerful chewers. Helps clean teeth. Chicken flavour.


6.50 *
In stock
Delivered in 1-2 days

New Mini Bonibix Gravy Bones

Foldhill Chewdles Bonibix Gravy Bone Dog Biscuits are a wholesome, nutritious, bone shaped treats.

Different Sizes From 2.00 *
RRP 2.50 €
You save 20 %
In stock
Delivered in 1-3 days