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Hints and tips on caring for all your pets

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New Puppy Tips



Is anyone getting a new puppy for Christmas?

Here are a few tips on caring for your new puppy.




  • Commitment. Getting a puppy is a big commitment so make sure you have the time to put into your puppy before you make your decision. 
  • Puppy proof your house. They will chew on everything! Hide all electrical cords, use a child gate if necessary to stop them from getting to certain areas of the house and move all breakable items from low tables. 
  • Minimize change.  To reduce stress for your puppy minimize change for him as much as possible. Gradually introduce new food by mixing their old food with the new food. Let the puppy sleep in a crate or box so they feel safe and secure. Use things like a ticking clock and a hot water bottle which will remind them of their mother and help them feel safe.
  • Do not comfort when crying at night. Your puppy will whimper and cry at night for a while but do not go and comfort them (yes we know its hard). You will regret it if you do as then the pup will think that if they cry and give out, you will give them what they want and they will keep this habit for life, so stick to your guns on this one no matter how cute they are.
  • Find a vets. Find a local vet and make sure your pup gets all their injections and boosters. Your pup should not be brought out on walks or to areas where other dogs are around until they have all their injections.
  • Worms and fleas. Keep your pup up to date with flea and worm treatment. 
  • Food. Feed your pup a food specific to puppies as these foods will have all the nutrition needed for them to grow healthy and strong. BurnsRoyal Canin and Burgess offer very good puppy foods. Make sure they are on a food specific to their size. For example a Bichon  Frise should not be eating food made for large dogs.
  • Training. It's never too early to start training your pup. Be firm but not too hard on them if they are very young. Using puppy training treats such as Coachies to reward them.



Goldfish Tips


Thinking about getting a Goldfish this Christmas?

Here are loads of tips on how to look after  your new finned friend.

  • goldfish bowl is the perfect way to keep fish if you don't have a lot of space.
  • The maximum number of fish that should be kept per bowl is one as bowls do not have a filtration system or aeration.
  • Before adding your fish you will need to dechlorinate the water and remove any chemicals that could harm your fish. Do this by using something such as Stress Coat.
  • Your fish also needs oxegen to survive and as this will not be provided in a fish bowl you will need to add oxegenating tablets.
  • You should add gravel to the bottom of your bowl. Make sure to rinse this under warm water before adding to the bowl.
  • Add room temperature water to the bowl and add your stress coat. 
  • Leave for about an hour.
  • Float your fish still in the plastic bag in the bowl and leave for about 15 mins.
  • After this you can gently tip your new fish into the bowl and watch him get used to his new home.
  • Some fish like something to hide behind so try adding a small plant or ornament for them.
  • Every 4-5 days do a 20% water change.
  • Do not change all the water at once.
  • Feed your fish very small amounts twice a day, only what he will eat in 3-5 mins as excess food will contaminate the water.
  • Enjoy your new fish :) 


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