Naturediet Sensitive Salmon & Prawn, Veg & Rice

Naturediet Sensitive Salmon & Prawn, Veg & Rice

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Naturediet Adult Sensitive Dog Food with Salmon, Prawn, Vegetables and Rice is a complete nutritious dog food specifically formulated for dogs with a sensitive digestive system and skin.


  • White Meat Protein - to help develop and maintain your dog's muscle mass whilst being gentle on their stomach;
  • Natural Oils - to help maintain healthy skin and coat;
  • Antioxidants - derived from seaweed extracts; helps to prevent damage caused by free radicals and aid your dog's cellular repair; Vitamins and Minerals - to help boost your dog's immune system and overall health;
  • Controlled Calcium and Phosphorous - to help maintain and develop healthy teeth and bones;
  • Natural Fibre - to promote a healthy digestive tract; No artificial additives, preservatives or colourings;
  • Wheat Gluten Free - for sensitive digestive systems.


All Naturediet dog food is made with meats certified as suitable for human consumption; so your dog will be eating only the finest quality ingredients. Naturediet Adult Sensitive Dog Food can be warmed in a microwave prior to feeding, providing a warm hearty meal for your dog. With Naturediet Adult Sensitive Dog Food you can rest knowing you are providing your dog a complete diet, with only natural ingredients making the grade; in a delicious recipe your dog will love.

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