Pawise Seagrass Scratching Post with 2 Toys

Pawise Seagrass Scratching Post with 2 Toys

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This fun interactive cat scratching post features a post to claw at and 2 toys to play with. The post is covered with seagrass, which is a natural plant-based material. The grass is dried and attached to the post and is a great surface for your cat to sink her claws into.

A cat scratching post plays an important role in your cat's life. It keeps her healthy, entertained and maintains her claws. Scratching is a natural instinct and clawing at the rough surfaces wears down claws so that they are not too long.

  • Provides two surfaces - the rough seagrass and carpet.
  • A dangling ball and feather encourage your cat to pounce and bat them around.

Size: 30cm L x 30cm W x 45cm H

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