Aqua 20 Aquarium With LED Lights 17 Litre

Aqua 20 Aquarium With LED Lights 17 Litre

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The ideal gift to start you off in the world of aquarium keeping, Aqua 20 light is a small, glass aquarium which is easy to use, equipped with a hinged hood and a low voltage lighting system for total safety. Fitted with a high-performance filtration system to keep the water crystal clear for as long as possible and with the least possible effort.


- Shockproof plastic frame

- Polished corners

- Hinged hood

- API® Crystal 1 dose for crystal clear, odorless water

- Low voltage LED lighting (10W- 12V)

-Colour : Black

- Dimensions: 40x20x31cm (lxwxh)

- Useful volume: 17L

- Thickness of glass: 3mm

- Weight: 3,5kg


Equipment included

- 1 10W-12V lighting system

- 1 interior RENA SuperClean 40 filter

- 1 API® Crystal 1 dose

- Free samples of API® water conditioners

(Stress Coat® / Stress Zyme®)

- 1 installation guide

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